Ambulance Subscriptions

Subscription Program Information

Our Ambulance Subscription Program provides residents of the municipalities we serve protection from out-of-pocket expenses related to emergency medical services. For a small yearly fee, subscribers receive unlimited medically necessary emergency ambulance service and discounts on services which are not deemed medically necessary or patient responsibility by their insurance carrier.

Something most residents are not aware of, we do not receive any direct tax dollar support from the communities we serve! Our funding comes from our Subscription program, our donation program and fees for service. So your participation in our Subscription program allows the community to support the Ambulance Authority which, in turn, directly helps fund us so we can continue to provide you the highest levels of patient care.

Our Subscription Plans

Individual Subscription
(one person in household)


Household Subscription
(All permanent residents of the residence)


Subscription Periods

Do not worry if you miss the start date; you can join our subscription program any time during the year; contact MFPAA for a prorated subscription rate.

The Town of McCandless & Franklin Park Borough from:

October 1st - September 30th

Borough of Bradford Woods, Marshall Township & Township of Pine from:

March 1st - February 28th/29th

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical emergencies can happen at any time. You never know when you or your loved ones may need an ambulance.

When Emergency Medical Services (EMS/Ambulance) personnel render medical care, the patient is billed for the services received.

The patient’s insurance may only cover part or even none of the bill (depending on the individual’s insurance plan, co-pays, deductible, etc.). The remaining amount after the insurance reimbursement falls on the patient to pay.

Your subscription protects you from these unexpected out-of-pocket expenses.

Insurance payment to MFPAA (McCandless Franklin Park Ambulance Authority) accepted as Paid-in-full 100% no balance billing to patient*

Unlimited medically necessary emergency ambulance services**

Discounts on other services MFPAA offers that are deemed (by insurance companies) non-medically necessary, such as transport between hospitals, lift assists for someone who has fallen, refusals. For full details, click here.

*100% reimbursement is for medically necessary 911 calls with transport to a hospital

**Contact your insurance company with questions about coverage and medically necessary definition

Your subscription helps protect you and your loved ones and helps protect your entire community.

MFPAA is a non-profit and does not receive any direct tax funding; our funding comes from our Subscription program, donations, and fees for service.

Your participation in our Subscription program directly helps fund us so MFPAA can continue to provide you with the highest levels of patient care.

Our Subscription Program covers any permanent resident of The Town of McCandless, Franklin Park Borough, Borough of Bradford Woods, Marshall Township, and The Township of Pine.

Note: If your insurance is Medicaid or a Medicaid HMO, you cannot participate in our Subscription Program by Medicaid rules.

Subscription is an annual membership for a individual or household. Subscription coverage is applied to a subscriber’s bill balance for any 911 ambulance response by MFPAA after receiving all insurance payments. Once all insurance payments are applied, subscribers receive a 100% discount on any remaining out-of-pocket expenses (including deductibles, co-payments, etc.) related to medically necessary emergency ambulance services, only.

A donation is any dollar amount donated by our generous residents that are not applied to the subscription program. Donations are critical to the operations of MFPAA and all donations are greatly appreciated.

We Need Your Support

Consider Donating Today

Utilizing our online giving platform, you can give a one-time donation, or pledge a monthly amount to generously give throughout the year.  Anything helps, and all are tax-deductible and secure.  Monies raised will allow us to continue to provide the highest quality service and care for all members of the communities we serve.  We greatly appreciate any and all support.