Subscription or Donation What Is the Difference?

People are often surprised to learn that the McCandless-Franklin Park Ambulance Authority is not dependent upon taxpayer money. Our entire operating budget is derived from subscriptions, service billing and donations.

What's the difference between a subscription and a donation?

Subscriptions cost $60 per individual and $90 per family. They provide an excellent opportunity for residents to support the EMS Authority while also protecting themselves and their loved ones from any high costs of advanced life support emergency treatment not covered by health insurance. Subscriptions are not tax-deductible. Donations are direct contributions to the Authority to help us meet the costs of maintaining and upgrading vital lifesaving vehicles and equipment used for local emergencies and transports. Donations, welcome in any amount, are tax-deductible.

It is impossible for us to operate on subscriptions alone. Especially with these changing times in healthcare and the uncertainties that go along with it. Donating to the Authority is a gift to the entire community, ensuring that we can continue to provide you with the technologically advanced, high quality emergency care that residents have come to expect.

To show our gratitude to our donors, we publish our Sustaining Fund - Donor Honor Roll. Donations received between October 1st and September 30th are publicized yearly in our October Community Report that is mailed to all residents in our service area. We also show our appreciation by posting that year's Honor Roll list here on our website until the next years Honor Roll is published. Click here to see this year's honor roll.

Join the Authority's "Emergency Support Team" by making a contribution today, and show your support for top-of-the-line EMS care.

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Another Way to Donate is Through the United Way

Another helpful way to support the McCandless-Franklin Park Ambulance Authority is by earmarking your United Way contribution. When you contribute to the United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania, you can control where your money goes through their Donor Option Plan. All you have to do is mark the donor option card in addition to your pledge card, with the following information:
Donor Number 943
"McCandless-Franklin Park Ambulance Authority"
P.O. Box 1, Ingomar, PA 15127
Please be sure to check the box that asks the United Way to inform us of your gift so that we may properly acknowledge your generosity and get your name on our Donor Honor Roll.